Asset Recovery

Understandably when closing or refurbishing sites, clients wish to minimise cost and maximise return on assets. There are no hard and fast rules as to what should and should not be recovered and factors such as age of plant, former process, cost of recovery, transport, re-installation, testing, market forces and commercial confidentiality/ competition will all form a part of the decision making procedure.

The O’Brien Group will however analyse each case on its own merits, looking at both safety and commercial aspects, advising whether plant should be recovered prior to or during dismantling/demolition operations.

We have utilised our knowledge and experience in various different environments including  collieries, factories,  shipyards, chemical sites, car plants, food processing plants, manufacturing plants etc...

Our experienced team have contacts worldwide for the sale and reuse of assets ensuring maximum recovery  rates are achieved. 

Please refer to our case studies pages for examples of some of the projects completed