The O’ Brien Group are vastly experienced in the demolition/dismantling of all types of bridges, tunnels and rail track no matter what the construction types or size.

Our projects have included works over water, over rail, over road etc each with its own unique challenges.

Projects are carefully planned by the contract team to ensure all hazards are accounted for including traffic management , protection of roads/street furniture , fire control, crane lifts and emergency procedures etc

We have the experience in working to road and rail closures and are fully conversant in liaising with the necessary authorities to arrange these control measures.

We have carried out many projects where closures have been required with strict deadlines for completion. Due to our careful planning and the resources at our disposal we have never failed to meet a deadline and often finish the projects with time to spare.

We are Link Up accredited for rail work (inc trackside) and are audited every year to ensure our quality, safety and environmental procedures are suitably developed to work in such a safety critical environment.

Please refer to our case studies pages for examples of some of the projects completed