Welcome to O’Brien Land Remediation

O’Brien Group have built a skilled remediation team of technical and practicable personnel with experience from a multitude of challenging projects; with an established pool of academic resources to call upon, they are consistently delivering highly successful reclamation projects.

Key capabilities include:-

All O’Brien Group regeneration projects are undertaken using in-house resources to provide a sole-source, total project delivery service to its clients. This land remediation option means that O’Brien Group can provide a complete decommissioning and regeneration package for their clients.

The O’Brien Group have a proven track record in the reclamation of contaminated sites, using a wide range of remediation techniques to reduce the overall dig and dispose scenarios which have traditionally been used. O’Brien Group have mobile plant licences, which can be used to facilitate these works.

The O’Brien Group are able to provide the following remediation techniques utilising in-house facilities.

In-situ and ex-situ bioremediation, vapour extraction, stabilisation, dual phase treatment systems, air and gas sparging, design and installation of pumping and de-watering techniques, ground water treatment, effluent treatment, selective excavation, screening, crushing, earthworks and arising management, decontamination of above and below ground facilities, asbestos and removal and disposal, tank, lagoon and holding sump cleaning and waste disposal, radioactive and toxic chemical handling and disposal, vacuum tanker services of waste liquids.

The O’ Brien group have also established relationships on a nationwide basis for back up facilities:

The O’ Brien group will utilise their skills to identify the most appropriate and cost effective site remediation package for decommissioning service with ground remediation forming an integral part of this service