Soft Strip

The  soft strip services we provide can be stand-alone projects but are often preparatory works which form part of a major refurbishment.

Our soft strip service includes:

The above list is not exhaustive:

The quality of the execution of these works is essential to the overall project and it is the O’Brien Group unrivalled performance in this field that leads to efficient and effective projects.

As well as a guaranteed quality of work  the soft trip team will maximise recycling of materials in line with our policy. We are currently recycling 98% of all soft strip waste.

We can provide emergency and out of hours work through our standby team  who are available to respond quickly to our clients needs such as fire damaged buildings and structurally damaged buildings etc. 

We are aware that refurbishment programmes are a major HSE target area due to the hazards they present.  When using the O’Brien group you can be rest assured that all works are completed by our trained and competent  strip out team who work to strict working procedures supervised by our designated site manager.